Monday, April 5, 2021

Thor Ragnarok Geek Out! Best of Movie Moments - #003 Brainstorm Podcast

The Brainstorm Podcast with fantasy author Clifton Hill is about writing, genre fiction and moral quandries.


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In Episode 3, it's time to geek out over Thor Ragnarok. Yes, I know, not new, but I watched it again recently, and this podcast was originally recorded in 2018. You know you love the movie, relive the fun and adventure with me.

MAJOR SPOILERS!!! But hey, we're well past the statue of limitations here.

If Thor is the God of Thunder, is Hella the Goddess of Blades?

Has anyone noticed that I called this the "Clifton Journal" at first? Just winging it, shooting from the hip, what can I say.

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