Monday, January 12, 2015

Year in Review: A Year to Debut

Nearly two weeks in and 2014 is fading fast, but what a year. After clubbing myself in the head for enough years, in 2007 I finally found my true calling. Art runs in my blood, but the story lives in my soul. Seven years after my fledgling work first burned red with the heat of the story, melting off the slag with each revision, beating the prose senseless, breaking the blade of the story on Sauron’s black heart, then reforging it in a vat of tears — my debut novel was released!

But what else happened? As a parent with young kids, new to the Northwest, new to my job, I’m not quite sure I could tell you. But I’ll try to dredge it up from somewhere in my sleep-deprived brain.

-Before Veil of a Warrior even debuted, I released Seeking the Veil, a companion novelette and experiment with learning the Amazon publishing environment.
-I got involved in two writing seminars by Erik Wecks and met some local writers.
-Went to my 2nd (EVER!) Convention.
-Maybe other stuff?????

Did I hit my goals? I would grudgingly say yes, but I have high aspirations and it can be hard to celebrate before I am turning my eye to what’s next on my list. I've been hoping to publish my book since late 2010. This year, I made it a reality. Fact is, it could have been published mid-year, except I had the "brilliant" idea to try my hand at some related Hammerblood stories. To give people a bite-sized introductory chunk to the epic fantasy that is Veil of a Warrior. Seeking the Veil was the result. I am proud of Part 1 and when the 3-part piece is complete, it will stand as a piece of work entirely separate from Veil of a Warrior. Which is a good thing, because it pushed back my production schedule of Book 2.

Question is: What’s in store for 2015?

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