Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings

No doubt you are gleefully neck-deep in family festivities, feasting and fun. As am I, and I am loving it.

I highly doubt you'll hear much from me until after the new year. No, I won't be drunk on the egg nog (I drink my egg nog sans-rum), but I will be drunk on the heady draught of family.

I wish you all a delightful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.


  1. And to you as well. Enjoy your family time.

  2. You too! New follower here -- looking forward to new posts in 2011 (and going back over the old ones I've missed in the meantime!)

  3. Thanks for commenting, Bryan and Amie, and to Amie for the follow (much appreciated).

  4. I hopped over from Jeffrey Beesler's site. Nice to meet you.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. Thanks N.R.. I followed you back. Have a Happy New Year.


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