Thursday, December 10, 2009


No updates? Am I alive? Certainly, just busy with the book. Been making good progress despite becoming derailed for a little bit to read "The Gathering Storm" (of the Wheel of Time series) -- fantastic read, highly recommended, Brandon Sanderson did a great job pulling together Robert Jordan's existing work on it, completing it, and polishing it until it shone with a brilliance.

Anyways, sorry, easily distracted (can't wait for the next two books!). I am shooting to finish the first draft on my book by the end of this year at maybe 80k words, currently I'm at 74k. It's becoming very exciting (not that it hasn't been, just more so now), though thinking of doing revisions makes it a little daunting. I only hope after this is all said and done that my interest in the story is shared by a generous publisher *wink, wink*.

In full swing with the Holidays at home with the family. Looking forward to Christmas with our young daughter. She is a delight and is getting old enough to really start finding the enjoyment in the season.

Not much on the art scene at the moment for me. I heard of a freelance gig I tried for with (I'm thinking) little success at the moment. But it stretched the imagination for sure, as they wanted illustrations for a coloring book -- the trial image was to be a swaggering swan. Sounds easier than it was -- or maybe it doesn't? Once I got to drawing, I had to think to would I draw a somewhat realistic though cartoony swan swaggering (of all things). Never-you-mind the different takes I could have taken on it, the thing that really got me was those darn feathers and putting expression in the bill without totally taking it away from being a swan. Would have been easier if I just went ├╝ber cartoony I guess. But without different direction I usually go for some realism with my cartoon characters.

Back to writing...

Happy Holidays to all, and happy writing.

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